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                Huangshi Hongda Plastic Mold Co., Ltd. official website!


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                Pubdate:2020-09-28 11:31?? Click:

                Processing customization:
                Mold material:
                Mold usage:
                Mold origin:
                Process type:
                Mould for wall panel
                It is suitable for a variety of formulations with large output, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life

                Application range:
                Door pocket, decorative line, floor, shutter, great wall decorative panel, ceiling
                Stair handrail, pavilion guardrail, mirror frame, etc
                Extrusion material:
                PVC foam, PVC + wood flour, multi material coextrusion

                Technical advantages:
                1. Be good at designing and dealing with complex section and different wall thickness mould
                2. The mold parameters were adjusted according to the composition of material formula
                3. The mandrel has been treated with special treatment and wear-resistant and long service life
                4. The cooling system has advanced design, good cooling effect and convenient cleaning

                Main types of mould:
                Customized according to customer needs
                Coextrusion mold: coextrusion color surface, coextrusion layer is uniform, convenient for post-processing
                Full package mold: new material for outer layer and old material for inner core, saving material cost and beautiful appearance

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