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                Huangshi Hongda Plastic Mold Co., Ltd. official website!


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                黃石ω 市鴻達塑料模具有限責任公司

                Professional manufacturing

                "Yike mold" was founded in 2001, dedicated to customers Provide core technology

                Click to consult

                Professional processing customization

                Customized better products for you

                Four core advantages open a new era of intelligence

                Just to bring you better products
                Rich experience
                More than 20 years of consistent, set research and development, production and sales as one, committed to the mold industry, with more than 300 people of production and processing team, with more than 20 professional sales team, to provide customers with a full range of technical support and services
                Quality is the life of an enterprise, and safety is the life of employees
                Strictly abide by quality inspection
                From the source to control the quality of products, raw materials to finished products are produced by ourselves, and can be customized according to customer demand and high standards. All products have received regular product test reports.
                Support non-standard customization to meet your diverse needs
                Global exports
                Exports to the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Mexico, Australia, Syria, Russia, Iran, Egypt, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, Outer Mongolia, Vietnam and other countries and regions
                It is a burning device that consumers trust
                Perfect after sales system
                We have established a complete one-stop service system before, during and after sales. There are service points in many regions, which can provide on-site service. For the products sold, there are special personnel to provide service to solve customers' problems quickly.
                Give you the customer service you want


                Huangshi Hongda Plastic Mould Co., Ltd

                Yike mould was founded in 1993. At present: Shanghai Yike mould Co., Ltd., Huangshi Hongda Plastic Mould Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yuhao Plastic Co., Ltd. and Wuxi jiuke mould Co., Ltd. have more than 200 employees with an annual value of 100 million yuan. Yike integrates manufacturing, R amp; D and service, grasps the core technology of extrusion production chain, owns a number of national patents, obtains the support of national high-tech industry funds, and has repeatedly contracted to complete the overall projects of Extrusion Engineering of large enterprises at home and abroad. Provide customers with a full range of support from mold design, formula technology, e…



                Huangshi Hongda Plastic Mould Co., Ltd
                Address:Machinery Industrial Park, Huangjinshan Development Zone, Huangshi City, Hubei Province


                Shanghai Yuhao Plastic Co., Ltd
                Address:Room 911, Jiating building, 1033 Moyu South Road, Anting Town, Jiading District, Shanghai

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